Pilates Interactive Pro

The first - and only - online knowledge resource for Pilatesprofessionals. An interactive video library of the entire Pilatesrepertoire - whenever you want titand wherever there is aninternet connection.

  • Over 350 Pilates exercises, each in high-quality video and with detailed text instructions.
  • Sophisticated filtering for instant access to the exercise you need.
  • Cross-categorization of each exercise according to level of expertise, muscle focus, apparatus and BASI Block classification.
  • Expert exercise cueing by master teacher Rael Isacowitz.
Pilates Interactive - Client Management

Pilates Interactive Pro with BASI Repertoire

$10per month

Pilates Interactive Pro with Polestar Repertoire

$10per month
Best Value

Pilates Interactive Pro with BASI & Polestar Repertoire

$15per month

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